our story

rthirteen was born out of a dedication to making a difference to you. We believe in empowering people and businesses to achieve their goals and potential. We facilitate a seamless, simple but effective recruitment service through absolute understanding and working in partnership with you.

We started with a simple idea, to offer a commercial specialist recruitment service, and to do it in the very best way. We have a combined twenty years’ experience within the industry, irrefutable marketplace knowledge and have worked exceptionally hard to maintain a strong reputation. We know what we, and more importantly, what our clients and candidates, like and respect, and it’s our dedication to deliver just that, on all levels.

We offer an exceptional service which is powered by our desire to get things right. By listening and developing a mutual collaboration, we can achieve your developmental goals. We strive to attain excellence in all areas of our service and support provided. We have the freedom to remain flexible; respecting diversity and individual points of difference.

We’re not going to reinvent the recruitment wheel, BUT we are going to execute every step of the process with professionalism, experience, clarity, care and expertise.