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AI the future of recruitment…or not?

Technology has certainly made our lives easier and the natural progression of technology will be to find new ways to make our work lives easier. Many suggest that the future of recruitment lies with AI technology. The purpose of AI for recruiting would be to automate the workflow associated with recruiting and remove certain tasks, such as manually screening CVs, making it easier to find that perfect candidate.

The rthirteen team have taken it upon themselves to investigate this technology and have a look at the impact it could have on the future of recruitment.

The benefits of AI

It could be said that the main three ways AI will help recruitment is the following:

  • Candidate Sourcing – AI could simplify this by looking through data left behind by people online, including; portfolios, social media profiles and CVs to detect passive applicants that may be a better fit for roles.
  • Candidate Screening – AI would be able to automate this process, allowing it to look through thousands of CVs quickly and removing those that do not suit the role.
  • Candidate Matching – using complex algorithms to pick out key skills and features in CVs in order to match candidates to the correct jobs.

The three areas show that the main benefit to AI is the idea that it could streamline the hiring process by allow machines to scan through CVs, improving the speed of the process by looking through and picking out the top CVs, using algorithms to pick out key skills and attributes.

Other benefits of using AI is that it could remove any potential bias that a recruiter or interview may have, even subconsciously, as a machine would be less likely to have the bias, although this may not entirely be the case as will be discussed later.

It is also suggested that AI would be able to optimise posting on job boards, an area sometimes ignored by recruiters, as they would be able to create the perfect job adverts. This would be achieved by the AI being provided job adverts where they could then analyse the language and create meaningful ads to attract the right candidates.

The challenges presented by AI

A recent example of how AI is still not quite ready to be the primary way we recruit is the problem Amazon recently faced with their AI.  They found that their AI was biased against women, likely due to the face that AI systems learn to make decisions based on historical data, meaning that they will perpetuate existing biases and will only ever be as good at the information provided to them by the humans operating them.

Looking through CVs and meeting candidates face to face provides a more personalised service to both candidates and clients. It also means that we will not miss out on someone who may be a great fit for the role but doesn’t meet the criteria the AI is looking for and allows for recruiters to find someone whose personality also fits the environment as this can never be shown across a CV.

Our thoughts

We asked the R13 team what their thoughts were on the emergence of AI in the recruiting world, this is what thy said:

“It will be a long time before AI can effectively understand and match personalities in the same way a consultant can. It can search suitable matches based on skills and experience, but personalities are not as easy to measure. We will need to keep looking at new technology to understand how things are changing and make sure we maintain an attentive and personalised service to clients, and ensure they are not tempted away by cheaper and less effective selection systems! Either way, move with it, or get left behind.” – Ben (Senior Recruitment Specialist)

“AI could be a fantastic tool to aid in early stages of the recruitment process in terms of the initial sourcing and shortlisting of potential candidates. That said, in my opinion, you can never beat actually meeting face to face with a person to really understand what role and company will be spot on for them. AI can assess which will absolutely help us, but getting cultural fit right will always be aced by a qualified human!!” – Rebecca (Business Director)

It seems that as technology evolves, the way we recruit will have to evolve with it. AI provides a fantastic opportunity for technology to work alongside the recruitment process, providing support and streamlining the service whilst still allowing us to maintain personal contact with clients and candidates.

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