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Conducting a Video Interview: R13’s Tips

During these unprecedented times we are seeing many companies adapt their recruitment processes and utilising video interviewing in order to continue growing and developing their teams.

For some hiring managers, video interviewing/conferencing will already be an established practice within their companies but for many it will be a new and perhaps slightly daunting experience, especially for the technophobes among us. On the positive side, many of your face to face interviewing techniques and approaches can be used in the just the same way.

For those that need some extra guidance, R13 have provided several of our top tips below.

1. Set up your software & process

Before even beginning to set up the video interview you need to decide on the software you are going to use, make sure it’s installed correctly and test it with members of your team to make sure it works. The last thing you want is to get to the interview, but the candidate can’t hear you because your mic doesn’t work. There is plenty free software out there for you to use as well, here are some of our favourites:

Once your software is all tested you will also want to set up a process for how you will conduct your interviews including blocking out time in your diary, making sure you have a quiet location for the video call and creating a timeline for when you will provide feedback.

2. Clear Communication

When working from home communication needs to be stronger than ever to ensure everyone is on the same page. Make sure you are liaising with the talent acquisition/HR team within your organisation, so they are aware of any interview you are conducting. You also need to make sure the candidate is fully aware of the interview time, length of interview, platform it will be on and anything they may need to prepare prior.

The clearer you are throughout the whole process then the more seamless your video interview will be.

3. Being Professional in the Interview Itself

Try not to allow working remotely to cause you relax in the way you conduct your interview and aim to treat it the same way you would a face to face interview. This means ensuring you are dressed appropriately, removing any distractions (including your work phone/emails) and ensuring you have prepared questions to ask the candidate.

They may be more nervous and feel at a disadvantage because of the video interview, so try to reassure them by smiling, maintaining eye contact and being aware of your body language. This can all be extra tricky in a video interview, so try to focus on directly on the camera and not other areas of the screen. Remember that the interview process is a two-way street and they are interviewing you as much as you as interviewing them.

4. Highlight Company Culture

The downside to video interviewing is that candidates are not able to experience your company culture first-hand, so it is becomes even more important to highlight your company culture during the interview. Try to focus on your core values, how the team work together and how you are structured. Make sure you paint a clear picture of your company to the candidate.

5. Get Feedback

If you are new to video interviewing, then it may well be worth getting some feedback from the candidate. You could provide questions for your Recruitment Consultant to go through with the candidates or send across a short survey for them to fill out. You will then be able to use this information to enhance you process going forward.

Video Interview Feedback

You may be still be a little wary of video interviews but to help reassure you we wanted to give you some feedback a recent candidate kindly provided. She secured her new role following a video interview:

“I've just secured a position with the help of Ben from R13. The first stage interview came just before the lockdown, and upon securing a second stage interview the company decided to do this as a video conference call. Although this was unusual and not something I'd ever done before, Ben was able to talk me through how it would work and was able to give me all the details I needed through email and chatting on the phone, boosting my confidence and making the whole process easy. The company emailed me a link to the video call at the time of the interview, and once past the initial introduction with both them and myself being open to the newness of the situation, the interview went as normal and I was left feeling positive about the experience. I'm glad the company were able to adapt in this way and having secured the role will be given an induction with the help of video call and emails, all of which I can do from home on my laptop. They were very positive about the situation, and I am looking forward to starting the role and adapting to the challenges of the time!”

If you are nervous about carrying out video interviews with your candidates and are not sure where to start, then please contact R13 today as we can provide support and guidance to help ensure your process is a seamless as the one mentioned above.

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