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R13 Advice

What should you do when you get a counter offer?

You’ve gone through all the steps, now you’ve been offered a fantastic new position and are ready to accept, but wait, your employer has come back with an enticing offer in order to get you to stay. So, what do you do?

There are many reasons people accept counter offers, after all it can be difficult and stressful upheaving everything and starting a new role. You may want to stay because you won’t have to learn and settle into a new company or meet new work colleagues or it could be the fact that you are being offered more money to do your current position.

We know handling counter offers can be difficult and over the years R13 have seen many, so we thought it important to give you some key points to consider before accepting that tantalising counter-offer.

Remember why you wanted to leave in the first place

Obviously, there was a reason behind you wanting to leave in the first place, whether that be wanting a new challenge, not getting along with your team, feeling undervalued or you are just simply bored in that role.

Research has shown that 63% of employees who accept counter offers still then decide to leave within the following six months. So, it may be worth taking a step back and considering whether that offer really is enough to counter all the reasons why you were initially leaving.

Delayed Recognition

One question to ask yourself, is would you have received that pay rise or promotion had you not resigned? Clearly you are good enough for it but your employer hasn’t offered it until you are almost out the door – do you really want to stay at a company that doesn’t reward its employees until they threaten to leave?

Money isn’t everything

Whilst it may seem tempting to go for the offer providing more money, you really need to think about your happiness in the long term. If you aren’t enjoying your role now, it is potentially possible that this will not change further down the line.  

The potential employer

They have offered you a new position and are obviously keen to get you on their team, so rejecting their offer to stay where you are may burn bridges with that company for the future. This may not be something you want to do, especially if you have a particularly niche skillset.

If you inevitably decide to take the counter offer, then make sure you handle it in the right way – this will help to ensure you don’t burn those bridges previously mentioned. Ensure that you properly communicate your reasons for not accepting the job offer. It’s always best to physically speak to someone if you can, rather than via email as this is more personal and you may get a better reaction.

If you are ever in debate about whether to take that counter offer, have a think back about the points discussed and ask yourself if you really think it is the right decision for you in the long term. Sometimes, it may be beneficial to take a counter offer and if you do decide to, then remember to handle it in the right way.  

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