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Dealing with First Day Fears

You finally got the job of your dreams and your start date is approaching but there are still some niggling fears in the back of your mind but don’t worry everyone gets these when starting a new role. Simply put, new is scary. That's just how it should be, but you don’t need to let your fears get the best of you and remember that the new is also exciting.    

Here’s what some of the R13 team said when we asked them what their biggest fears when starting a new job were:

“A fear that I personally would have when joining a new role would be – is this going to be the right move for my career, am I going to enjoy the role and feel that I am learning lots?” – Jessica Harber

“That it is the same job as was sold to me in the interview and that the work culture is a good fit for me” – Louise Prowse

In a recent Twitter poll we conducted, 75% of people said that their top fear when starting a new job was adjusting to a new role. So here are some of our tops tips to get over those first day fears:

1. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

One of the worst things when starting a new role is putting too much pressure on yourself to be the best at that role straight away and not make any mistakes. You are not going to know how to do everything as soon as you start because every company works differently and that is nothing to worry about.

Mistakes happen, whether that’s forgetting to bring the laundry in or putting the wrong name on an email, but every mistake is an opportunity to learn and you’ll be doing a lot of that in your new role, so embrace the mistakes and move forward with a positive attitude.

2. Remember they picked you

Remember why you are there. Out of everyone they interviewed, they decided that you were the best candidate for the role and so they will have confidence that you are going to be a good fit for their company. Use their confidence in you to boost your own and remind yourself that you are there for a reason.

Also, it’s always good to remember why you were so excited about getting the job in the first place.

3. Ask lots of questions

Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions when starting a new job. You are bound to get lots of training when you first start and so if there are any bits you aren’t understanding, ask the person you are working with to explain it to you. People are normally more than happy to help with anything you don’t understand, and it will help you in the long run to have more information. The more you know, the less stressed you will be.

4. Get to know your co-workers

You will be spending a lot of time with these people everyday so it’s always best to get to know them. They will be the best people to give you tips and will want you to succeed as much you do. Try not to be intimidated meeting all these new people as everyone was the ‘new guy’ once, so they will all understand the feeling.

5. Take it day by day

Sometimes it is easiest to just take everything day by day. Just breathe, relax and do your best. Knowledge and skill come with time, so approach each day with a positive attitude and it will all come together.

We hope this has been helpful guide to help you cope with those first day jitters.