tell us jess....

How did you get into recruitment? Through an apprenticeship back in February 2014. 

Favourite thing about working in this industry?  The pace - it’s very busy and no two days are the same which I love.

How would you sum up your career in recruitment so far? A definite learning curve! In the 20 (just over) months I have been with R13, it’s been a very exciting journey where I have learnt so much and continue to still do so every day…

After a hard day’s work, what is the one thing you look forward to doing?  Eating!

Any hidden talents? I like to think I'm good at rapping along to songs! Although the team might tell you different....

Anything we wouldn’t know about one of your colleagues? Thea loves to sing. A lot.  

Your desk - clean and tidy or a lover of the paperwork? I’d like to say clean and tidy, but I do have a big desk so I tend to make use of it…

Best thing about being apart of the R13 team? It’s like a family – simple.

Motto in life? Live life to the fullest!

Tea or coffee drinker at work? Tea, specifically green tea.

You’re at work, it’s lunch time – what do you have? A classic tuna sandwich and crisps. Although Rachel has recently got me into eating salads….

Describe the R13 team in 3 words: Professional, hard working and unique!

Who in the team watches the most TV? I would say Ruth, but Bex watches the most films.