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How do I let my boss know I’m leaving?

Question submitted by Jade (Marketing Sector)

Whilst securing and getting prepared for your new job can be an incredibly exciting time, it can also be a little daunting as it means you have to resign from your current role and approaching the subject with your boss may feel challenging. 

You will probably have lots of questions running through your head before you let your current boss know your plans, such as; Will they hate me? Will they give me a bad reference? Will serving my notice be awkward and uncomfortable? Hopefully our tips below will be able to provide some reassurance.

You’ve got this!

Although it can be intimidating, this is a step you need to take to facilitate your move into your exciting new role and advance your career. So, whilst you may have concerns that it may be an uncomfortable conversation, you need to psych yourself up and let them know. The weight will definitely be lifted off your shoulders once you do, and nine times out of ten, it’s never as bad as you expect it to be!

Be honest & open

Arrange a meeting with your employer. Explain that you are handing in your notice as you have secured a role which you feel is better suited to your long-term career goals. It is very important to show gratitude to your current employer for the experience and opportunities they have given you. Take a resignation letter with you to back up what you have discussed. We have included a template below.

Don’t burn your bridges

While sometimes it can be tempting to quit on the spot and walk out in a blaze of glory (like in the movies), it’s not very practical and you don’t want to sour any relationships you’ve built up at your organisation. You will be relying on previous employers for references and depending on the industry you work in, word can spread quick about your actions and potentially land you in hot water in the future.

Counter offers

You may find that your employer will come back to you with a counter offer. Whilst it may be tempting to stay in your current role sweetened by the addition of some extra money, it’s important to remember what your reasons were for wanting to move on in the first place and weigh up whether a bit of extra spending money a month supersedes the opportunity to embark on a new career or opportunity within a business who can offer you progression / training / development.

Resignation Template

Below is a quick template that might be helpful when handing in that notice:

Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from the position of [INSERT JOB TITLE] at [INSERT COMPANY].
As per the terms of my employment contract, I will continue to work for the company for the next [INSERT NOTICE PERIOD LENGTH], completing my employment on [INSERT LAST DAY YOU INTEND TO WORK].
I have enjoyed being a part of the team and am thankful for the opportunities you have given me during my time here. If there are any areas in particular you would like me to focus on during my notice period, please let me know.
I hope that I can rely on you for a positive reference in future.
Yours sincerely

We hope this article has provided you with some of the information needed in order to make the transition from your current role to your new one a bit easier and help ease some worries you may have when resigning. For more information and tips, contact us at info@rthirteen.co.uk or check out our website for our previous #AskTheRecruiter posts. _____________________________________________________________________________

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