Endorsements & Testimonials

We're immensly proud of the relationships and partnerships we've formed in the course of the business.
This is a selection of what our candidates say about us.

I received recently a job offer thanks to the wonderful, persistent and quality recruitment support work that my consultant from 'rThirteen' had constantly provided. My consultant represented the best qualities of the recruitment profession and delivers her service like very few providers in this field. I was really impressed by her level of professional support, by her enthusiasm, genuine care and superb communication skills. Her long term investment approach for service users like myself, generates only respect and inspiration. But, what sets her professionalism apart from other recruiters, is her high level of professional integrity, when bridging the gap between employers and those that are looking for a new specific appointment (candidates). She genuinely cares about both sides / stakeholders of the recruitment market. No false promises, no empty words. Always available to respond on time and keep you updated with all of the meanders, with all cycles of the recruitment process.

Due to my specific employment status changes, over the past 10 months, I have seen my consultant to be a great team player representing 'rThirteen' at the best possible light, combining her effort with other members of this fantastic agency, which I would like to see expand it business into Suffolk and, why not, much wider across the Eastern Region. We need professionals like my consultant at R13. Having worked myself a while in employment / recruitment business, a couple of years ago, I had a little dream, back then. If i ever acted on it, if it materialises and I manage to establish a model recruiting agency, one day, I would certainly hire talents like the consultants at R13  and possibly call that agency "w300"... They are worth gold. I can't recommend a better talent for you than my consultant. But for the moment, a very BIG 'Thank You!' For all your kindness, persistent humanity and professional supporting work while assisting me in finding my next career challenge.

Tim - February 2019
- Case Manager

My consultant has been nothing less than totally professional and knowledgable, very detailed and thorough from the start to finish of the recruitment process. Very engaging ,calling back very promptly and sending over all relevant documentation keeping.all parties updated in the process. I would highly recommend R13's services if you are looking for work and no doubt if you are a company looking to recruit I would recommend you engage my consultant. Very pleased and thank you. I wish you continued success

Samantha - March 2019
- Customer Service Advisor

TL;DR version: Lost my job due to coronavirus, then got my ideal marketing role in less than a month through Rebecca! She’s professional and warm, with a genuine interest in getting the right role for you, and you should totally get in touch with her or her team members.

No so TL;DR version: Q1 2020 I had lost my job due to the coronavirus and made mention about it on LinkedIn. Rebecca saw my post and reached out to me, asking if I’d like to participate in a #nofeefriday initiative in a bid to help those who had lost their jobs from the crisis.

I tend to be quite shy and nervous in general, and all the more so with a recorded video interview, but Rebecca was in close communication with me throughout my preparation, nudging me in the right direction in terms of showcasing my career history and capabilities, and also highlighting skills I didn’t realise of myself. Soon after posting up our video interview, one of her connections thought I might be suitable for a role in his company, and a couple of interviews later, I got my ideal marketing role at Herrco Cosmetics!

If you’re looking for a recruiter who has a genuine interest in securing the right role for you, while maintaining a warm yet professional approach through the process, I highly recommend that you get in touch with Rebecca or any of her team members at R13 :)

Charlotte - May 2020
- Marketing Executive

Great process from start to finish, i was kept updated throughout the process and given full support in the run up to and post interview stages. Feedback was given at every opportunity and when waiting on the employer R13 continued to engage with me to keep me informed of the next steps.

Kate - January 2020
- Project Manager

R13 have helped me twice now to find employment, both times I was able to succeed at interview stage and get the job put forward to me - one of them was even after coming out of lockdown due to covid! I cannot recommend them highly enough - full marks all round!

Ben - October 2020
- Customer Support

Using R13 has been incredibly easy and helpful, they helped me to find a job that I would not have normally found and also helped me prepare to get this job from the beginning. I would definitely recommend to other graduates as this helps cut down the time and effort in finding a job after university.

Jack - May 2019
- Graduate Developer

I've known about R13 for a number of years due to their great reputation. This year I got to experience them first hand and can now confirm that they know exactly what they're doing. Unlike many other recruitment agencies, R13's guidance and support helped me feel confident in going for the role which I will shortly be starting. Luke's advice was invaluable in helping me prepare for both stages of my interview, and the entire process felt like a breeze. I believe that R13 are capable of this because they actively engage with jobseekers and prepare/support you along the entire journey rather than just throwing candidates at roles and hoping for the best, as I've previously found with other agencies.

Dan - August 2019
- Marketing Executive

Working with Rebecca was a real pleasure. During our initial introduction call, Rebecca took the time to get to know me, what I wanted to achieve and my thoughts on how I get there before even mentioning the client she was working with. It really made me feel like R13 were on my side, and genuienly cared about finding a good match for both parties. Throughout the interview process and even up to my first day/week/month Rebecca checked-in on me regularly to make sure the process was going smoothly and I was enjoying the new role. R13 were a real advocate for me and helped me find a role I love - couldn't recommend highly enough!

Jessica - December 2020
- Account Manager

An absolute pleasure to work with. All of the team are incredibly resourceful, super helpful, supportive and driven to help candidate success. Equally they have provided full information based on the clients that they have sent me forwards for, and have not held back on the nitty-gritty of each role. Full of integrity and combine that with a fully consultative approach. Good job Team R13!

Max - January 2020
- Customer Service Consultant

Brilliant Experience with R13. I dealt with Ben who was very open and honest with me about the positions available, I never felt that he was trying to sell me an opportunity but rather focussed on what I was looking for.

Whenever I called the office or popped in to see Ben, the team were always very friendly.

I have been in my new role for the past 2 months and am very happy, in the unlikely or unfortunate situation I need to look for another position then R13 would be my first choice!

Jordan - January 2020
- Business Executive

I've had a mixed bag of experiences with recruitment firms in the past but I have to commend my consultant and his colleagues at R13.

I found his approach very open, proactive and professional throughout. The communication I received was superb with exceptionally strong pre-interview briefing and comprehensive follow up feedback. I would certainly recommend anyone to engage with his services & I'm greatly appreciative of his time and efforts.

Thomas - March 2019
- Wine Advisor

Rthirteen were super helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. My consultant made sure I had all the information I needed before the interview and made me feel completely prepared and confident. Really grateful for all the work he put into helping me secure my current job, would definitely recommend!!

Ruth - January 2020
- Customer Service Consultant

I would especially like to recommend Jess. Not only she is fantastic at her job, but also is the sweetest soul. She had my full trust and and I knew she will represent me better any other agent ever could. Also, her work ethic is impressive, from always staying in touch and giving updates, to sending the most detailed emails about interviews, employers etc. And I think the most important thing to me was that she would try and learn as much as she can about me at the beginning and then only send me things I would want to do. I had plenty of experience where some other agency agents would send any and all jobs and hoping for the best, but no Jess, only sent what she knew I'd like and what I'd be happy doing, which made me feel understood! :) All in all, Jess is an absolute 10/10 and I could not thank her enough for all the work.

Ieva - March 2022
- Account Manager