rthirteen recruitment process

At rthirteen, we don't confess to reinvent recruiting, but we do promise to execute each step with expertise, precision and experience.We have provided a thirteen step by step guide of what you can expect when you work in partnership with us on your recruitment strategy:

  1. talk to us – if you’re looking to partner with rthirteen for your current or forthcoming staffing addition, please get in touch. Contact us

  2. bespoke service solutions – we recognize that each business, and each recruiting manager will be different, and that no two recruitment campaigns are ever the same. As an independent agency, we can operate with absolute flexibility, tailoring our approach to suit your needs. Contact us to discuss bespoke solutions including; executive search and selection, cost effective pricing solutions, retention strategies, bulk schemes and tailored advertising campaign management

  3. the vacancy – our preference is to come out to your site to meet you in the working environment. Alternatively we can coordinate a telecom / Skype meeting. We will conduct an in-depth recruitment discussion with you to gain an understanding of the job duties and technical skill set required

  4. our understanding - it’s not enough to purely recruit based on skill and technical ability. Our success is based upon placing candidates that match your company values and ethics. As part of our recruitment discussion, we want to learn about your organisation, company development plans, how this role fits into the business, the impact it has, potential future progression opportunities, team and personality fit so that we can match candidates who offer longevity and will add value to your business for the long term

  5. advisory capacity – we will assist you in formulating recruiting strategy to achieve your business goals and targets. We will also provide you with an overview of the marketplace according to the vacancy you are recruiting for, including competitor analysis and candidate availability.

  6. recruitment timescale - together we agree projected timescales and milestones, providing structure throughout the recruitment process

  7. applicant pre-selection - we will coordinate both proactive and reactive attraction campaigns for your vacancy. We will work through each candidate from those and pre-qualify with initial telephone interviews. This can be followed by relevant skills assessments where appropriate. Of those, the applicants we feel would be most appropriate will be invited to have a face to face or Skype interview. From there, we will select you a handful of the best matched and most suited applicants and present those CV’s to you, followed up with a conversation to discuss each applicant with you personally.

  8. candidate summary & cv - having shortlisted applicants based on both your technical skill set requirements, and personality / team / cultural fit, CV’s will be presented to you including a personal summary. This can be tailored to provide you with specific information including, notice periods, availability (start / interview), salary requirements, assessment results. Importantly it will include highlighted key skills to enable you to quickly ascertain applicant suitability, and all CV’s will be presented in the same format to facilitate quick comparison capability.

  9. interview selection - once you have selected your preferred candidates for interview, we take full responsibility in coordinating interviews (including outlook diary invitations), confirming details with the applicant, checking in prior to interview and providing detailed candidate feed-back. We are also able to source external interviewing locations, and coordinate company specified assessments. Please just ask for more details

  10. the job offer - once you have selected your chosen candidate, the last crucial step as a prospective employer is the job offer. This is your final incentive when it comes to attracting the best talent to your company. We negotiate and facilitate this final process to ensure that both you and the candidate are completely satisfied and the outcome is mutually beneficial.

  11. feedback – from a company profile point of view, it is equally important to provide feedback to those candidates who were not successful on this occasion. We will gain this from you, and manage the process of delivering the news to the unsuccessful applicants in a constructive manner.

  12. continued support – our intention is to continue to support you once we have successfully placed your new recruit. We will keep in touch to ensure that we can continue to offer an exceptional level of support. We can support you onsite and offer advice on staffing expansion development, change management, project related recruitment solutions, access to free legal helpline, succession planning, redundancies out-placement, salary surveys, competitor analysis (staffing related), and preferential HR Consultancy services with our trusted partner.

  13. rthirteen guarantee – we are positive about finding the very best matched applicants for your business teams. Our dedication is to finding you an applicant who can add value and offer longevity. As such, to offer you absolute assurance, contact rthirteen to find out more about the exclusive guarantee offered.