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A Message From R13’s Directors

Well these are unparalleled times never seen or experienced before. We are seeing clients mobilizing working from home who had never anticipated they would have the need to do so. We have seen clients with business freezes and conversely clients who have boomed. We have a government hell bent on supporting business and the economy, but uncertainty still around what that looks and feels like.

And as a result of that many of our clients have turned off the tap in relation to their recruitment activities. The fact that what we are experiencing is brand new means no one knows recovery rates, no one knows when the air will be clear, and normality will return…? And we get that, 100%. But that doesn’t mean we will stop being there for you. Doesn’t mean we will stop chatting to you. Doesn’t mean we will stop offering you our advice, both on things recruitment related, and indeed not. The core thing is for everyone to support each other and for us all to do our bit for each other.

The thing that we can say, from what we have experienced over the past couple of weeks is that our clients who are continuing their recruitment efforts are benefitting from really great candidates who want to be considered. The market is still buoyant. People are still open-minded to making a move, even more so where the company can showcase their capability to support and offer a certain level of structure in these uncertain times. Likewise, they are understanding of start dates which may not be in the immediate future. For the right move, they are open to wait.

We are seeing job seekers entering the market, through no fault of their own. Job seekers with excellent skills and experience. Job seekers who under “usual circumstances”, you may not ordinarily see within the marketplace. If your business is able to, this could be a fantastic time to secure super people with great skills to join you. Or to meet them, create a dialogue and then keep in touch for when things move forwards.

We’ve been able to support businesses with new technology and guidance in relation to conducting interviews remotely. We’ve supported businesses who are recognizing opportunities within the current climate. We’re offering specialized payment terms for clients to ensure we can support their cash flow, which is going to be so key and integral to all businesses right now. We are and will continue to do everything we can to help you. Our brilliant team are working remotely, as are Ruth and I and we are on hand to answer any of your questions and continue to support you in every way possible. So please, do not be shy in reaching out. We are here for you.

- Rebecca Headden & Ruth Harding