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R13 are excited to be an eco-partner for TechVelocity!

R13 are incredibly pleased to announce that we now eco-partners for TechVelocity, a Norfolk based Accelerator.

Recently R13’s Luke Plane headed along to their Cohort 4 launch event of 2019;

“It was a brilliant event yesterday afternoon at St George Works, meeting the new cohorts joining TechVelocity. It was great to see so many fantastic businesses supporting Tech Velocity and that these exciting and innovative firms are based in Norfolk. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the new cohorts!”

The new cohort include:

  • Housecheckr – A property survey service that provides a Home Fixtures Report to catch all those important house details that estate agents and potential buyers may miss such as flooring, plumbing and damaged furnishing. (https://housecheckr.com/)
  • ISO Chemix - disrupting biotech and healthcare by innovating ways to commoditise isotope compounds. They are also innovating non-invasive and non-radioactive diagnostics for common diseases. This will mean faster, less harmful diagnosis of a range of life threatening conditions.
  • e-StudentTracker – a web based application, that works with existing MIS systems to present managers, students, staff and parents with a user friendly single point of access to look all aspects related the education institution. (https://www.e-studenttracker.co.uk/)

On why R13 were selected to become a part the TechVelocity ecosystem, Kris Jones, CEO at Techvelocity said;

"R13 are the only permanent role specialists in our eco-system because they link candidates to companies by matching the cultural and business aims of their clients at both ends. They do this in an ethical way that makes for long term relationships with their clients."

What is Tech Velocity?

For those that have not heard, TechVelocity is first Accelerator in the East of England which works to build scalable and purposeful outcomes for growing businesses/start-ups. It was set up by a group of successful entrepreneurs who have all previously grown their own tech start-ups.

The purpose of TechVelocity it to support these growing businesses on their journey; by helping find them investment opportunities, linking them up with leading businesses and thinkers in the industry or helping to scale up products. If you have a proof of concept and a product ready to market, then they can lend a helping hand.

Depending on the support you need, TechVelocity can provide tailored programmes or packages that include services, discounts, software and workshops. The main benefit to Tech Velocity is the amount of bespoke support that you get from their growing ecosystem.

Want to get involved…

If you want to find out more about TechVelocity and see how you can help support them and other growing businesses, then please do check them out at:

https://www.techvelocity.co.uk/ or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TechVelocity_