When you make the decision to start searching for a new employment opportunity, it can be difficult to know where to start and what the expectations are regarding your application.

Below are R13's top 5 dos and don’ts for your job search…



1. Do make sure that your Linked in profile is up to date with all your current roles and experience, ask for recommendations and endorsements to ensure your profile is as attractive to a potential employer as possible. You can include more information about your background and skills on LinkedIn than through a normal job application, so make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.

2. Do thoroughly check your application for spelling and grammar and ask someone else to read through it. A second pair of eyes reading through your application to double check the content is a must!

3. Do tailor make your CV to the roles that you are applying for. A “one size fits all” approach won’t work within a competitive job market. You need to make sure that your application/CV is relevant to the role, go through the job advert or job description, identify your transferable skills and make this a key feature within your CV.

4. Do make sure that your CV is up to date and that the information provided is correct. Ensure that the dates on your CV make sense and that you explain any gaps in employment on your CV, application form or covering letter.

5. Do set up daily alerts on job boards as it is more than likely your job search won’t be a one day task. Any new opportunities that meet your criteria will be sent to you via email, make sure you are specific with regards to what it is you are looking for so that the relevant roles can be sent to you.



1. Don’t assume that all employers will be advertising their vacancies on job boards. Do some investigating and find out who their point of contact for recruitment is. Pick up the phone and give them a call directly to see if they have any potential vacancies in the pipeline.

2. Don’t leave sections of application forms incomplete. Make sure that you tailor make sure you fill out all of the information requested

3. Don’t expect a response straight away. Hiring managers will want to collate all the applications before shortlisting, this can take time.

4. Don’t become disheartened if a relevant role doesn’t appear within the first week of searching. Running daily searches and setting up alerts, the right role will materialise.

5. Don’t apply for everything! If you are unhappy in your current role, it can be tempting to get your CV out to every potential employer in the hope that you will get a positive response. Be selective, make sure it’s the right opportunity working for the right business, and research the business before applying.


Don’t forget, your application is the first impression a business gets of you. R13 are here to assist and guide you through your job search. If you are considering new permanent opportunities, get in touch with any of our dedicated consultants who can talk confidentially through your requirements.