rthirteen's top 5 dos and don'ts for writing a cv!

When thinking about your next career move, it is important to ensure you have an up to date and relevant CV to represent your skills and experience. If you haven’t updated your CV in a while or need to put one together from scratch, it can be challenging to know what to and what not to include.

Below are R13’s top 5 dos and don’ts for putting together an effective and engaging CV.


  1. Make sure you bullet point your skills and experience within each role. Your CV should not read like a story.
  2. Tailor your CV to the specific role you are applying for. Identify the key points in the job advert or description and think about where your experience in current or previous roles relates.
  3. Check that the dates run correctly throughout your CV. If there is a gap in your employment history, ensure you detail the reason for this gap e.g. traveling, redundancy, career break etc.
  4. Try to keep your CV to 2/3 pages. Ensure you keep everything concise and to the point.
  5. Proof read your CV at least three times for spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes and ensure that the font and text size is consistent throughout. It always helps if you get somebody else to proofread your CV before sending off an enquiry or application, as they may spot mistakes you might have missed.


  1. Forget to add your contact details! Make sure to include your telephone number(s), email address and home address so potential employers can contact you with ease.
  2. Be negative about current or previous employers or positions. It is important to be honest but negativity will not attract a potential employer.
  3. Include information that is not relevant. Minimise the content of job roles which may not relate to what you are applying for to maximise the space you have for those which are.
  4. Use jargon, acronyms and technical terms unless essential. Make your CV easy for everyone to read and understand.
  5. Use outrageous colours and unnecessary graphics to bulk out your CV as this often looks unprofessional and can put a potential employer off. 

Still looking for more inspiration or want access to our CV template? Click the following link: http://www.r13recruitment.co.uk/looking-for-work/cv-support

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