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Recruiter Spotlight: Sean Ferris – our Welfare to Work Superstar!!

Today we want to talk about all things Sean Ferris…

Sean joined the R13 family at the start of this year and has already become an unforgettable member of the team with his passion, commitment, great sense of humour and Brummy twang (don’t worry we are slowly getting accustomed to it!).

To find out a bit more about our favourite man from the Midlands, R13’s Kim sat down for a virtual chat to get to know him better and here’s how those questions went…

what do you love about recruitment?

The thing I love about recruitment is the buzz that you get. On the client side it’s the excitement of getting a new vacancy after building and developing a strong relationship with a new client, then the thrill of finding someone who fits that team to tee and seeing that person thrive in their new role.

It’s also all the amazing people I get to speak with, regularly chatting to new candidates to really find out all about them and what they are looking for, then signposting them to their perfect position.

I enjoy being in charge of your own desk and that you are allowed autonomy and freedom to make important decisions regarding clients and candidates.

I also love the hard work.. it’s rewarding being in a position where if you know you put in all the work that you can reap the rewards and that your hard work has made a difference to someone’s life.

how would your clients/candidates describe you?

I would like to think they would say very personable, that I am good listener and someone who can really get to the bottom of what they want. I think it is so important to really listen and ask those important questions.

In general, I am quite chatty, open and honest, I like developing real and meaningful relationships with both clients/candidates and think open communication is the best way to get good results.

I also think they would say that I am someone who understands we are all human, we all make mistakes and as long as we can put our hands up and rectify them then it’s all good.  

what’s your recruitment mantra?

I don’t really have a recruitment motto per say but my life motto is “expect the unexpected” which I feel often applies to many aspects of life.

In recruitment I make sure to always be prepared, for example if a client wants to see three people, I will always make sure to have additional options ready. I also always work to make sure I can pre-empt any issues that may arise and provide excellent service.

what drives you to succeed?

The truth is that I’ve made mistakes in the past (hasn’t everyone) and life hasn’t always been a smooth ride but through my own determination I can certainly say I have come through the other side and now all I want is to be able to work hard to provide for my wonderful wife and for my family in the future!

how did you get into recruitment?

I don’t really know to be honest. Back in the day I applied for a job and I’ll be honest I wasn’t 100% sure I understood what the job was (don’t be like me, make you check that before you apply), but I ended up going for the interview, finding out more about the company and the job and ended up securing it!  It was commercial recruitment, covering various office-based roles and once I started, I knew it was the right career move and the rest is history as they say!

what’s the career highlight you’re most proud of?

Two certainly spring to mind.

Firstly, whilst at previous employer, I won a contract with large car hire company. I recruited all of their fleet coordinators roles and ended up building a strong relationship with them and really understood what they wanted. I was quite junior at the time, so having a big client and having such good success with them was a great motivator to show me what I could accomplish.

The other highlight for me would be during the pandemic, I got a call from school who said they could open up if I was able to recruit enough good quality teachers. I know the importance of education and wanted to a difference, so I stayed late to find great candidates who were available and, in the end, helped the school reopen. I think the pandemic made us all realise that we can accomplish great things when we all work together. 

what’s your favourite part of the workday?

Going home… no I’m just joking! For me it would have to be the chase of trying to find and headhunt the right person for the role I am recruiting. I enjoy pitching the roles and hearing candidates get excited about an opportunity that sound just right for them.

what is your favourite way to unwind after work?

I go for a lot of walks with my wife, weather dependant, and we use this as a time to debrief and talk about day without phones or technology getting in the way.

I also enjoy a good bit of TV and am currently watching Night Stalker on Netflix – you can’t really beat a good documentary or true crime story in my opinion!

what have you learnt as a recruiter during this pandemic? 

I think I already really appreciated my candidates but even more so now, just having a chat with them, helping support them and having that personal relationship with them. Checking in has become so important and has shown that the little things matter!

A lot of people have had time to revaluate what they want to do, stop and have time to look at what changes they might want to make and many clients realised how important staff are, so I think there will definitely be some positive changes across all industries going forward.

how would you describe your first couple weeks at R13? 

I’ve really enjoyed it so far! I feel like the training and support I’ve had has been great and set me up so that I can crack on and dive into recruitment here at R13.  It certainly has been really busy, never a slow moment so far, but that’s definitely part of the fun!

The R13 team have welcome me with open arms and plenty of GIFS. They are a cracking lot and even though we aren’t all together (damn you pandemic!) I already feel like a proper part of the team and can’t wait to get to know everyone better.

what do you feel you bring to R13?

I’m bringing a strong background in the education and welfare to work sector, coupled with a real passionate for what I do and a good bit of banter to top it off, which will hopefully allow me to provide a friendly, supportive service to both candidates and clients.