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Recruitment & Technology: How R13 are adapting to a changing working environment.

Over the last several years the work landscape has changed, and even more rapidly throughout this pandemic. Organisations have had to evolve; become more flexible in their approach to working hours, how they treat-support their employees to the physical question of office location/s, is it virtual, home or normal! These changes have also been extremely prevalent in our industry, recruitment.

R13 have had to adapt our fundamental methods to suit the modern age and our current way of working within what has been named ‘the new normal’. We have achieved this quick adaptation through a carefully considered combination of technology, tailoring our approach and adapting our company comm’s.

So, let’s talk tech.

We needed the ability for our recruiters to work from anywhere, any-time, particular with the pandemic, we needed to offer flexible working to suit each team members changing priorities, whether it be self-isolation, home schooling or caring for family members. Our tech needed to support these changes, thankfully we began our tech upgrade in 2018 when we switched our files and candidate database to a cloud-based system through Office 365. This allows our team to access any documents from computers at any location, allowing for complete remote working and files that can remain constantly updated through autosaving to the cloud. This has made it easier than ever for us to work when we can, collaborate on projects (whatever the time!) and share information in real time with our team. We are looking at chatbots, researching how AI can automate parts of what we do in turn allowing us to concentrate on the human element of our job – basically the stuff a computer can’t do!

Jumping into the virtual world literally overnight; testing, learning all the platforms that could aid this transition ensuring that what we used still allowed us to maintain that clarity in all our communications which remains at the heart of what we do. Integrating video registrations, allowing candidates to pre-fill forms online prior to meetings…. we have come a long way from our normal face to face meets! (which we do miss by the way).

What about our approach? We still do what we do, but we offer so much more advice and guidance than we used to. This has really allowed us as a business to organically grow and go deeper within what we offer and the expertise we bring. Becoming a consultative recruitment partner has always been our thing, and we feel this has really strengthened more recently. Whether this is supporting our clients to help them find ways to overcome any difficulties during the recruitment process, talking them through alternative interviewing options, remote onboarding, 1st 100 days in employment just to name a few. Equally with candidates offering our knowledge and guide points to help them navigate through what is currently a very competitive market.

Lastly adapting company comms, this is always an ongoing project at R13! Communication internally within our team is key, whether it is sharing information, listening to each other, collaborating - our comms have to be on point! We have slowly been changing how we meet as a team, how we appraise, celebrate success and more recently how we simply pass on messages due the fact we are all still working from home! This has been a slow gradual change and then with the rapid change we had to make in quarter one of this year, it has elevated our comms. We have made a shift to Microsoft Teams for all internal team talk, we now chat in channels which allows us to streamline more efficiently, saving time (so we can recruit more!) and engage with each other on a more concentrated level.

The fact we have embraced this change in tech, approach and comm’s we believe has made us a better and stronger company, the use of these new platforms and attitudes have allowed us to flourish and maintain the high standard of service that R13 is so proud of. ________________________________________________________________________________

For information and support regarding employment issues and recruitment, please contact rthirteen today at info@rthirteen.co.uk or via phone on 01603 338313.