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Remote Onboarding: A Candidate’s Experience

It has been amazing to see how companies have adapted to remote working and have even taken on new staff during the lockdown. From speaking with our candidates and clients, many have had great success with remote onboarding, utilising various media platforms and tools to ensure their new members of staff can get stuck in and fully integrate into the team.

We recently spoke with one of our candidates, who started his new role with our client after lockdown measures were in place, to see what his experience was like. You can see what he had to say below:

How did the company prepare you for your start date?

I started on 23rd March when the company had already begun working from home, so I knew I would not be heading into the office as normal. I was a bit gutted as they have a cool office and it’s always exciting setting up your new workspace, but with the current situation it was obviously the right choice. Communication was so vital and the company was great in keeping me up to date. I had introduction calls with various members of the team to get me set up on the platforms I would need. Before starting they also provided; a laptop, keyboard, mouse, second monitor and an office chair, all delivered by the team (contactless delivery of course).

How were you introduced to your new team?

The team were all set up on video calling platforms, so we just arranged conversations digitally. They have regular team meetings, so I was able to show my face to people pretty quickly, which helped to make me feel like I was really part of the team. They also use Slack (https://slack.com/intl/en-de/?eu_nc=1) which allows the team to collaborate through various apps and communication channels. This has been great in helping me to stay up to date with everything going on.

What has the training been like?

The training has been a mixture of 1:1s with different team members and learning through the online resources that the company put together. The team have been great in checking in frequently and I’ve had lots of offers of help. I feel very confident being able speak with the team if I have any questions or queries.

How have you felt as a new member of the team who has been inducted and trained remotely? 

Regardless of the situation, I already feel a part of the team. Everyone has really made an effort to make me feel included by being so welcoming and friendly from the start. I do not feel any different having been trained remotely, as the company have fully supported me throughout my induction period and provided great resources to enable me to succeed.

What advice can you give to anyone else who might be remotely inducted or trained?

It is the new normal for the foreseeable, so try and embrace it rather than just tolerating it. In a way it's an advantage, as chances are all your new colleagues will be working remotely now, so will also be in a new, strange situation and the same boat as you to a degree.


Like our candidate said, doing everything remotely is the new normal now, so it is best we embrace it! Who knows, perhaps this will create new processes your company can use in the future too.

Need some advice/tips on how to do remote onboarding?
Check out our recent guide here: http://www.r13recruitment.co.uk/remote-onboarding

Or you can speak to a member of the team today by contacting us at info@rthirteen.co.uk