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Self-Care Week 2019: Insight & Tips from R13

With incredibly busy lives; balancing multiple responsibilities, trying to meet deadlines, looking after children and running errands, we can often run out of time to sit down and focus on ourselves. Whilst it’s great to be busy, a bit of ‘me time’ is needed to ensure we aren’t feeling over-stressed and run down.

This week it’s #SelfCareWeek. Here at R13, we know that a happy, healthy team equals a more productive and engaged team, so we like to encourage and facilitate self-care at every opportunity. Self-care is incredibly important to overall wellbeing, and when you look after yourself, you’ll often see improvements in other aspects of your life such as; your productivity, your physical health, and your self-esteem. It’s a win-win situation!!

In the R13 Office

One of the goals of R13 is to create a collaborative, open workspace where our team can take charge and feel confident in managing their own wellbeing, whilst being supported in doing so. Here are some of the things we do in our office, which could easily be incorporated into yours:

  • With an hour’s lunch, we encourage the team to get out of the office, get some fresh air and go for a walk. Getting a delish lunch or light retail therapy are optional!
  • Our supportive and understanding management team always make themselves available to listen to problems, then offer solutions or help to create plans to overcome them.
  • We offer flexible working allowing time to better manage commitments outside of work.
  • The drinks fridge is open on a Friday, allowing the team to wind down on a Friday afternoon with a beverage of their choice, as well as a water cooler so the team can stay hydrated throughout the day.

R13 Team Tips

Kim: “To me self-care is making sure that in the evening I switch off from work and take time to do some of the things I enjoy, such as reading or playing a video game. This also help me to take my mind off anything that is stressing me. If I do ever feel myself getting too stressed, I like to write lists of how I will tackle any issues I’m having, which often makes any big problems seem much smaller and more manageable. Another important thing to me is making sure I get a good night’s sleep; I find myself much more productive when I’ve had a decent rest.”

Alex: “Self-care for me is food related in the sense that I really enjoy cooking and get a lot of satisfaction out of making a delicious meal. I try to make my food healthy to help look after my physical wellbeing.

Lou: “Personally, I really enjoy exercise, especially running. It’s a good way to release some energy and it’s good to know I am doing something to improve my physical health. I recently took part in the Yorkshire marathon which was a great achievement from my commitment to running.”

Ben: “I always strive to separate work from my homelife and try to look forward, not reflect. I thoroughly enjoy sport and make sure I play golf at least once a week, whatever the weather! The frustration of playing badly takes my mind off the pressures of work very quickly…, but I thoroughly enjoy this time spent with friends. I also play in the Norfolk Squash Leagues weekly which is great exercise and a wonderful stress-buster!”

Bex: “I always find making time to talk with friends is a massive thing. Sometimes it’s really hard to find time to meet up with clashing schedules, but just chatting on the phone or even over text to know you are there for each other is massively important. I also have two dogs who enjoy going out for walks which gives me time to relax and get some fresh air and exercise.”

Luke: "I make sure that when I get home, I spend as much time with my two amazing children, Olivia & Isaac, as well as spending time with my wife, Zoe. I make sure that I speak with my mates back home as much as possible and see them as much as I can. Which usually means, meeting for a beer, or two… then eventually going for a curry!

Ruth: “With such a busy schedule I often forget the little things, so have been consciously making more of an effort to notice the positives all around me, this could be as simple as enjoying the smell in the air after it rains or appreciating the time I get to spend with family.”

Dan: “A goods night rest has never hurt anyone and it certainly rings true for me! When balancing multiple responsibilities, I find it important to specifically block out time to relax (watching television, socialising, listening to music) so that I know that this time is set aside for me!”

Jess: “One of the biggest self-care tips I have taken onboard in recent years is making sure I say “no” more, to make sure I am not stretching myself too far and saying “yes” to things I think will bring more positivity into my life.”

We hope this give you a better idea of some of the things you can do to practice self-care and remember is not selfish to take some time for yourself and will ultimately benefit you in the in the long run.

Other Resources

There are so many fantastic resources out there to help you understand and manage your own self-care, here a couple we have found for you to check out: