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Impact of social media on the recruitment process

It’s now become almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t have a profile on at least one social media platform and it has truly revolutionised the way we connect with others. This have has inevitably had a massive impact on the amount of information companies can find about prospective candidates and how they can attract the very best talent.


LinkedIn has become a vital tool for recruiters allowing them to build huge networks of connections across various industries.  With over 18 million job listings currently on LinkedIn, it is a great resource to promote jobs and to seek out new ones.

For companies, it provides a professional platform to connect with potential talent, advertise new roles and showcase what your company is about.

For candidates it provides a great way to connect with potential employers and to keep up to date with latest company news. Make sure you keep your profile up to date and utilise it to effectively show off your talents.

Recruiting via social media

Rthirteen utilises social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to appeal to a wide variety of candidates by showcasing our jobs, company culture and industry insights through our blogs. This is something all companies can utilise and there are many benefits to this including;

  • Promoting your brand – Social media is a fantastic tool to show everyone what your company is all about, the kind of culture you promote and why you would be a fantastic place for someone to work. Giving candidates this insight into your business means that you can appeal to the very best talent.  
  • Attracting high-quality candidates – Many high-quality candidates maintain a strong online presence and making sure you fall under their radar through consistently strong posts can make the difference between securing them or not.
  • Finding passive candidates – there are many people who aren’t actively looking for a new role but could become interested in making a move to your company when seeing what you promote on social media.
  • It’s free – yes you can pay to boost posts and extend your reach to a wider audience but fundamentally the biggest appeal of social media platforms is that they provide free advertising for your business and are a brilliant way to post jobs without having to pay.
  • Showing you are industry experts – Adding useful blogs or articles to your social media can help to showcase the fact that you are experts in your chosen industry.

These are fantastic reasons why your company should embrace social media into your recruitment plan. 

Our thoughts:

“Social Media is moving to the forefront of recruitment, so absolutely essential at all levels with both clients and candidates. It is the communication preference of many candidates and is being used more and more by clients to attract candidates to engage and get in touch. Posting consistent and relevant content is essential to maintaining and growing a network of existing and new candidates.” -Ben (Senior Recruitment Specialist)

“Social media is a constant in almost everyone’s daily life, so as a recruiter it has become a valuable communication channel to reach a new range of previously unseen candidates. It is essential as a recruiter to have a prominent online presence, promoting the value of our brand, relevant market information and the opportunities that are available within different industries. As an adaptable recruiter there is a constant push to be flexible with the ability to reach people in different ways, with the wide range of social media platforms being a vital tool to ensure we find the best candidate for our available job.” – Alex (Trainee Recruitment Specialist)

Remember social media can be a vital resource in ensuring you secure the best people for your roles, here at rthirteen we incorporate social media into all our recruiter in order to make sure we are reaching a wide audience.

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