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Employee Satisfaction: Why it is more important than ever

Ensuring you have a satisfied team behind you is essential. If your employees are happy, they can (and will) deliver at their very best and will stay loyal to your organisation. This is incredibly important now, as most teams have had to adapt their operations to be able to work remotely and this can make it harder to maintain the same level of contact.

SHRM's Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement report identified 5 keys factors that effect job satisfaction:

  1. Being treated with respect
  2. Adequate pay
  3. Trust between employees and executives
  4. Job security
  5. Opportunities to use skills and abilities

The above factors will be affected by the current coronavirus outbreak, so you will need to take special care to adapt your strategies in order to ensure you team feel valued and remain satisfied. R13 will be discussing tips and strategies to improve employee satisfaction in our blog next week, so stay tuned for that.

The benefits of high employee satisfaction

1. Employee Retention – Satisfied employees are more likely to see a long-term future with your company. Each new employee you take on is an investment. You are giving your time and money to train them in their role and help them to understand the company’s goals and values. Once they are trained, they become an asset and will contribute to the continued growth of your business.

Creating top performers within your company through training, development, coaching and mentoring will help to boost revenue and reduce the cost of having to find new team members.

2. Employee Engagement – Engaged employees produce a domino effect within the company. Engagement can be found through your employees’ roles, teams, company and community and when they are satisfied, they will be invested on all these levels. This will then drive performance.

Engaged employees are also likely to be more passionate and enthusiastic which will lead to more positive interactions with their customers & clients leading to further growth and profit.

3. Encourages Creativity – Innovation and creativity can be the key to standing out within highly competitive markets. Studies have shown that happiness helps creativity by freeing up space in the brain and raising mental flexibility. So, surrounding yourself with a team of satisfied and fulfilled employees will get the creative juices flowing and can offer the opportunity for you to identify additional opportunities through the ideas cultivated as a result.

4. Increased productivity – There is lots of research confirming that the happier your employee is, the more productive they will be. If people receive rewards that have both intrinsic and extrinsic value and they feel that their rewards are equitable, they will be satisfied and this will lead to greater job performance.

5. Creates Advocates – Happy employees will become champions for your company and are likely to publicly talk about the work they do, and they company they work for. This is invaluable publicity and will help you to attract the very best talent. You want people to be proud of the fact that they work for your business.

Investing in employee satisfaction translates into growth and profitability for your company. You will be able to create a culture that really values each employee and cultivates their talent improving their engagement and your relations with clients/customers.

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