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R13 Opinion

Why use recruitment agencies?

It’s quite obvious that we are strong advocates for jobseeker’s utilising recruitment agencies, but you may think we may be a bit biased. We wanted to outline to you the benefits of using R13 Recruitment, in order to help you find the perfect job.

We get to know you

Part of our philosophy is making sure we get to know you, so that we can match you to the best suited opportunities. We want to find out all about you and your job search; why you’re looking for something new; what you like and what you don’t; current and long-term goals; your wants and your needs. In doing so, we build a rounded picture of the type of opportunities which will suit you within the type of organizations who can support you, not JUST based upon your skills and experience, but also your personality and the type of culture that you will enjoy the most.

We are in touch with the decision makers

A massive benefit to using a recruiter is the fact that we are directly in touch with the decision makers at the companies we send you to. Sometimes companies can be overwhelmed with CVs, so having a consultant that can promote your skills and suitability directly can be a huge benefit and you stand a greater chance of reaching that all-important interview stage.

We prepare you

As recruiters we want you to succeed and we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t help you along every step of the way. We’ll help you with your CV, gathering info through a detailsed chat. We’ll give you tips and guidance to help you prepare for interviews. You will likely go to less interviews if you use an agency but you those that you do go to will be for roles that you would be the right fit for, instead of those that you would be over/under qualified for, or within companies that may not be the right “fit”. It’s a real bonus, because we have that insider knowledge thanks to the longstanding relationships we have with our clients. We will make sure to give you advice and guidance for the interview, so you know what to expect and how best to prepare in advance. 

We are motivated

Securing people new jobs is what we are all about. Our business (metaphorically and quite literally), hinges upon us placing people into work and this motivates us to secure you that right role. Not only that, but it’s a direct reflection of our service to both you and our clients to GET IT RIGHT, to secure you a role you love, that you’re happy and thrive in, and where you want to stay long term.

We stay in contact

Even after the process is all done and you’ve secured your dream role, we still stay in contact with you to make sure you are settling into your new role and getting the support you need. AND if you keep following R13’s social media, you’ll find us providing you with tips and techniques on how to make a good first impression in your new job, how to grow your career, how to get spotted for promotion and how to continue to develop your skills. What more could you ask for?!

What do our candidates say?

Don’t just trust our word about benefits of working with R13. Here is what some our candidates have said about their experiences:

“Both consultants were excellent in providing support and following-up on information needed prior to the interview session. They were accessible and able to respond always on time to any questions I had about the shortlisting and/or the interview process.”

“Incredibly helpful, took into consideration all my requirements. Through a series of meetings and phone calls and interview prep helped me to land a job first time. Excellent follow up too.”

Want to know more? Check out this link to our candidate endorsement page: http://www.r13recruitment.co.uk/looking-for-work/endorsements   


It is important you find the right recruitment agency and consultant to suit you. If you have a more specialised skill set, then try to look for recruiter that focuses on your discipline, as they will have connections with appropriate companies and clients. Also, don’t ever feel pressured to say yes to a job that you don’t feel you want, just because a recruiter is telling you it would be great, you are the best judge of what is right for you. We actively promote transparency and openness throughout the process. Our goal is for you to be happy.

Using a recruiter can be beneficial to helping you find the right role and can open up your search to companies and positions you might not have been aware of. Agencies are free to use and if they are anything like us, passionate about making sure you secure the right role, so why not get in contact?

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